Our Values

Customer Satisfaction & Relationships

Delighted customers are key to stability and growth, thereby offering AerReach the opportunity for repeat business & referrals. Putting the customer first, building the long term relationships, establishing credibility and a good reputation are critical success factors for AerReach.

Product & Market Knowledge

In order to effectively offer creative solutions “connecting the dots” (supply & demand), it’s critical that AerReach employ a workforce that possesses an intimate knowledge of the products and their markets. The company will be recognized by the industry as maintaining a workforce of experts in their particular markets and the products supported.      

Employee Engagement

Employees will be fulfilled by the culture and people oriented work environment at AerReach. It will be a challenging environment but one that offers opportunity for growth and development of employees while valuing their contributions and capability. The fact that AerReach has a culture of helping and giving to the needy also enhances the level of employee satisfaction. Satisfied employees are engaged, productive, creative and committed.

Continuous Improvement

AerReach fosters a culture of continually improving it’s processes, systems, and methodologies with the goal of maximizing efficiency, quality and productiveness which ultimately will enhance the level of profitability, employee and customer satisfaction.

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